One of my favorite parts of the job is knowing that I can provide a quality product for the people who hire me.  This is a spectacular case of that.  My name was brought up by a former client in a meeting about having a puppet built for a new kids pilot being shot (and aired) in Denmark.  I am no stranger to shipping puppets overseas, and this was another in a long line if international delights.  The briefing was fairly simple; a fun, inquisitive younger character to be partnered with an older human actor.  Brilliant.

So, I contacted my friend Dave Hulteen (whose work you’ve seen in the past if you are no stranger to my site) and had him draw up some preliminary concepts.  The client settled on one they liked, and after a few revisions, I was ready to build.  One of the challenges of building this puppet was his costuming.  The character features “live” hands, meaning that the puppets hands are worn as gloves by the performer.   This meant that all of the costuming had tso be done custom. He has two costumes, actually.  So, in a stroke of Frankensteinian madness, I cobbled together a beautiful, functioning pair of jackets from the remains of several other jackets of the type. Take a look at the pictures below, and as always, feel free to contact me at with puppet inquiries.


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