Sometimes, in my line of work, I get projects that are really out-there.  This was certainly one of the more interesting projects I’ve had the chance to work on. 

Ramajetterne Adds New Character to the Cast

I was contacted by the producers of a Danish children’s show called Ramajetterne about producing a new character to add to their already existing cast of puppets.  I was thrilled.  We immediately began discussing what they had in mind, and I was delighted to see that their in-house concept was both very talented, and very informed as to exactly what they wanted. 

The character they wanted was a silly little creature called Drillenisse.  Drillinisse was described as a happy character that loved to dance and sing and be merry.  The character wears an enormous christmas hat and a knit, wool sweater.  These would have to be custom made.  So, I set out designing the character.

How to Make a Flexible Custom Puppet

The artist told me that Drillinisse would move in a very flexible, almost snake-like way, so I built his body from a series of boning rings to cut down on weight and to give the desired sense of movement.  I made his red and white striped shirt from some shiny, spandex-like material.  Next, his sweater had to be hand made from thick wool yarn.  This was done by a friend of mine.  The hat was an interesting challenge.  It had to be very large, and yet supported enough to stay afloat.  So, I inserted a small piece of tubing into the head of the puppet where a long spring would be attached and used to balance and support the hat.  They wanted to have hats for several of the characters they already had, so for the sake of consistency, Ramajetterne took on the responsibility of producing the hats. 

This turned out to be a great character, and was very well received by the client.  They loved it!  I cannot wait to see him with his hat made and attached.  Here is the finished product!  I love this guy.  

Drillenisse for Ramajetterne, built by James Kemp Puppets



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