Car Salesman Custom Puppet

Every puppet project starts as an idea from the client.  Sometimes it’s a fully thought out piece of art that the client has carefully crafted to fit the idea in their head.  Sometimes its just a vague description.  In the case of this project, the latter was true.  My client wanted a car salesman custom puppet and I was excited to deliver that final product.  

I was given only that the client envisioned a character that was a late 30-early 40 Hispanic male.  The idea was that the character look like a car salesman or a game show host.  Though it wasn’t a lot to go on, the client was thrilled with the outcome.  

While I’m talking about this project, I would like to give a quick shoutout to Puppet Pelts for always supplying the best fleece.  Their customer service is top notch, and the fabrics they offer are so colorful and beautiful.

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The goal of any project is to make the customer as happy as possible with the finished product, and I’m glad I was able to deliver.

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